Why you should hire your local tree service contractor!

One really simple easy step to creating a more visually pleasing front yard is to give some love to your bushes and trees. Any type of tree and bush can add significant value to your property if done correctly. Trees are a huge asset and it can really create a different vibe to the way people view your property. If you have any bushes, those can recreate your front yard if trimmed and pruned properly. Tree services can become the greatest investment because they can prune and trim your trees or bushes to make them look more aesthetically pleasing which will in turn add more value to your property. If you’ve ever walked around a neighborhood and noticed all the houses look similar in some sense but it’s the houses that have their gardens, bushes and trees properly trimmed that look significantly better! Tree Services do not break bank and are a really easy way to create a cleaner front yard space. Tree pruning is recommended every year or two even just for the health of the tree! Trees are extremely sensitive and to encourage healthy growth you want to make sure that your tree doesn’t have any diseased or dying branches growing from it.

Dead or dying branches have a detrimental effect on the health and growth of trees. If a tree has a diseased or dying branch continuing to grow from it, it can cause the entire tree to start dying and grow unhealthily. It’s crazy to think about but one bad branch will affect all parts of the tree and can eventually in worst cases cause death as well. Tree services Baytown offers so many services for a really affordable price point. Bushes are also a great addition and can make your front yard and house overall look more appealing. Tree services can also prune your bushes to create a neater look. I’ve been to many houses in many neighborhoods and it is always the houses with properly trimmed and pruned bushes and trees that are the first and easiest to sell. Many homeowners don’t realize the potential their houses have but properly maintained trees, bushes, and grass can have a significant impact on the property and the rate that it sells. It is recommended to take care of your trees even if you’re not intending to sell it yet. It is a simple yet necessary step in maintaining a clean front and back yard. It is also a safety issue because if trees grow too close to power lines or the house itself it has the potential to become dangerous. Trees are well known to fall over and because of their big size and long length, it can do significant damage. Power lines can be damaged if a tree grows too close to them and houses are at greater risk for catching fire and being damaged if a tree grows too close. If you have rooms in the front part of the house, it is especially important to make sure that the tree won’t be knocking over into one of those rooms. Storms are a big issue near the gulf and since we can’t avoid strong winds, we can at least prepare ourselves from potential tree damage from strong winds or hurricanes knocking them down. Make sure to contact Emergency tree removal baytown in order to get the help you need!

Pro’s and Con’s for Microblading

The other day, I went to grab some lunch at a nearby restaurant and noticed the waitress had amazing eyebrows. As someone who really loves and appreciates makeup I complimented her. She was really excited to receive a compliment on her eyebrows because she had just gotten them done a few weeks ago. Now, I was slightly confused when she said she just got them done because it wasn’t like lashes. I didn’t understand what she meant because I had thought she just drew them on today and it was just a good eyebrow day. She explained how she had gotten a microblading treatment done on her eyebrows. I had heard about microblading before but I had no idea it could look this natural and realistic. She not only looked like she had full defined brows but also almost like she had a little bit of makeup on as well! She said she chose to get the ombre microblading done which is a little more like eyebrow makeup more than the natural hair strokes being drawn in. She said her technician basically drew in like little dots to create an ombre effect which made it look like she had makeup applied to create that look. She also had hair strokes drawn in to fill up some empty spaces between her real eyebrow hairs. She said they applied numbing cream for like 20-30 minutes until the eyebrow area was numb. This step is crucial because depending on whether or not the numbing cream is applied, you will either feel immense pain or no pain at all. The whole microblading process is like getting eyebrow hairs tattooed onto your face. Your face is pretty sensitive and getting tattooed on your face will be pretty painful. She mentioned that she got a say through the entire process on how to shape the brows, how full she wanted them, what pigments (colors) she wanted, etc. She loved the lighter to darker look for her eyebrows because that is actually how she applied her eyebrow makeup prior to the procedure. She mentioned ever since she got this procedure done, she has had absolutely no regrets and love how people compliment them thinking she applied the makeup herself when in reality she has no makeup on at all! I was so intrigued because truly her results were flawless. I couldn’t tell she had no makeup on! She said it was pretty pricey but she hasn’t had to go to Sephora or ulta for eyebrow products which can add up over time anyway. She said she usually spends anywhere from 30-40 minutes getting ready every morning but now her daily beauty routine has been reduced in half! She just applies BB cream and eyeliner and is out the door. She said the pros definitely outweigh the cons with microblading.

Pros: save money, save time, save effort, less stress, get many compliments, always walk out with perfect brows, permanent eyebrows that always look the same

Cons: expensive investment at first

She loves how her eyebrow look doesn’t depend on the day and doesn’t look different from one day to the next. Before microblading, she had a hard time creating the perfect shape for her particular eyebrows because she doesn’t have a lot of natural eyebrow hairs. I was loving the look but couldn’t help to think about the future with this. What if the brow trend changes? I mean within just 20 years the popular brow look went from pencil thin eyebrows that just looked like lines on your face to defined arched brows and to full thick eyebrows right now. I mean wasn’t she worried that trends may change and her eyebrows will be stuck like that forever? She began to laugh and let me know that although it is called permanent makeup, microblading isn’t actually permanent! It is semi-permanent makeup and due to the special pigments they use, the microblading look fades within a year or two. Check out microblading houston for all the best services in the local area.