Why you should hire a local towing service

Just the other day I realized why it’s so important to keep your local towing company’s number saved in your phone! I was driving home late at night after a long day of work and suddenly out of nowhere, my car stops in the middle of the road! I had to pull over but I was freaking out because it was late and dark. I had no idea what to do. I pulled out my phone and looked up towing College Station and chose the first College Station towing company that I felt I could trust and called them. They responded very quickly and thank goodness they are open 24 hours so they had no problem coming to help me as soon as they could. They had such a fast response I was surprised! They truly saved me when I was scared and worried by myself. They came to my location and assessed my car to see what was the issue, because I had no idea. They figured it was my battery and so they jump started my car for me and made sure it was functioning properly. The price for the service was so affordable and honestly I was so shocked at how professional and quick they were. Towing services usually have a negative rep but I am so thankful I had a company I could call during that time of day.

It’s important to be prepared at all times, and thankfully I had internet on my phone but in the case that you have bad signal, I would recommend saving their number right now! It doesn’t hurt to be prepared with numbers that can assist and help you in different situations. I know I can depend on them to help me ASAP as they are open 24 hours 7 days a week. Although they only helped me start my car again, they offer many services! If your car suddenly stops due to empty gas tank, they can go to you and provide empty gas tank solutions. If you get into a car wreck they can tow your car and take care of the transportation of the car. If you have a personal parking space but an unauthorized car is parked there you can call College Station towing and they will tow it. It’s crazy how many different services they offer but I’m not complaining! During those serious situations where you need a reliable towing service to take care of your towing needs, it is great to have that assurance that they can help me. I really am amazed at their work ethic and how efficient and quick they are. Now I make sure to save any numbers that will help me when I’m stuck in a situation that leaves me helpless. With those numbers saved it’s like carrying around a little phone book with important numbers. Especially living in College Station I know I can’t rely on my parents in Houston to come help me immediately in those types of situations. Towing service costs vary depending on the service but are still very affordable in my opinion. So if you’re in the Brazos county area, search http://www.collegestationtowing.com in order to find College Station towing services.